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Michael Sareini was elected to his first term on the Dearborn City Council in November 2013.


Sareini is a life long resident of Dearborn.  He is the son of the late Tom Sareini, owner of the Village Café previously located for over 25 years on Greenfield Rd at Rotunda Drive, and Suzanne Sareini, retired Dearborn City Council President Pro-Tem who served on the Council for 24 years.


Sareini and his wife Dalal have five children – Toufic, Houssain, Aliah, Suzanne and Hassan.


Sareini graduated from Fordson High School in 1990 and earned his Associate’s Degree from Henry Ford Community College in 1993. Sareini began a career in automotive sales in 1995. Sareini has won countless sales awards, and in 2011 was recognized by Ford Motor Company as Michigan’s #1 ranked volume salesman and #3 ranked salesman in the country.


Sareini was appointed as the sole representative of the state of Michigan in a national Ford Sales Advisory Panel that consisted of only 13 nationally renowned salesmen. Sareini’s recommendation resulted in a direct policy change within Ford Credit, the company’s financing arm.


In 2006, after 14 years out of the classroom, and while working full-time and raising his family, Sareini returned to school to complete his education at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Sareini graduated in 2009 “With High Distinction,” earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Political Science and minoring in Psychology.


Sareini continued pursuing higher education, graduated from Thomas M. Cooley School of Law and has been a general practicing Attorney for 8 years.


Sareini was chosen by the Michigan Attorney General as a transition team guidance member of experts comprising extremely-revered individuals from the government, legal, indigenous, and corporate sectors.  This team was formed to guide a smooth and seamless transition between administrations as the Attorney General-Elect took office, effective January 1, 2019.


Sareini has a long history of participating in Dearborn youth recreation programs, sitting on boards and coaching. Sareini is a supporter of many local charities.

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 Dearborn Man Called ‘Hero’ For Saving Neighbor From Dog Attack

This article is republished from Press & Guide, originally written by Briana Gaskorski and can be found here.

Ronnie Berry of Dearborn is being called a hero after helping a neighbor who was being attacked by two dogs.

The attack happened at about 3 p.m. March 29 near the intersection of Elmwood and Fordson, near Dearborn High School.

Seconds after Berry pulled into his driveway, a man by the name of Mike was walking his dog when two other dogs ran and attacked Mike and his dog.

“I was surprised,” Berry said. “As soon as I pulled in, I heard screaming coming from behind my car and didn’t know what had happened until I saw the man fighting with this dog.”

Berry was able to scare one of the dogs away, but the other was not going anywhere.

“My wife was in the car and I told her to stay there and to call 911,” he said. “I ran and got a golf club. The dog wouldn’t let go of the other dog’s neck and kept biting the guy trying to protect his dog.”

As an animal lover who had dogs his entire life, Berry said, he did what he had to do, not what he wanted to do.

“I didn’t want to hurt the dog,” he said. “But I had no choice. No one else was coming out of their house to help. At first, I thought the dogs were chasing two kids riding their bikes, and they may have been until they saw the guy and his dog and just attacked.”

Berry said he didn’t know the man walking his dog, just that his name is Mike and he lives in the area.

“I wouldn’t give up,” he said. “That guy or his dog could have died. I feel like I was in the right place at the right time.”

While police were quick to the scene, Berry said that he, unfortunately, had to kill the dog to get him to let go.

“I hit him with the club about 40 times but he just wouldn’t let go,” he said. “I didn’t want to hurt or kill that dog. I love animals, but I would do it again if I had to. I hate that I had to do it, and I was worried the dog would turn on me, but I didn’t have time to worry too much. I had to help.”

Berry said he wasn’t even considering that he didn’t know the man or even thinking about anything in relation to social distancing. He just followed his instincts.

“I grew up in the south end of Dearborn,” he said. “We were raised to survive and help anyone who needed help no matter the cost. That’s what we south-enders do. We help no matter the cost and I did what I believe anybody would do.”

Councilman Mike Sareini nominated Berry for. Good Samaritan Award which was accepted by Mayor John O’Reilly and is expected to be presented in August.

“In a time where most people would probably have gone the other way,” Sareini said. “Mr. Berry ran to help his neighbor and I think he deserves to be recognized for that.”

Council President Susan Dabaja agreed.

“Thank you for bringing this up,” she said. “I appreciate what Mr. Berry did for his neighbor. It was a very heroic thing to do.”

Berry also said that while people are allowed to go for walks despite the coronavirus outbreak, it’s imperative that people remain aware of their surroundings.

“I don’t know what would have happened to that guy and his dog had I not pulled in my driveway at that exact moment,” he said. “His dog had to go to the vet, but I don’t know if either of them would have made it had I not tried to help. I walk my grandchildren in the neighborhood and I’m just now finding out that there have been other dog attacks recently. Watch out when you’re out walking around, especially near wooded areas and pay attention because there are coyotes and stray dogs everywhere and you have to be careful.”

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